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Torrents are also different to most other networks because they really do have an active, helpful and friendly community behind them. Most torrent sites have a forum associated with them where people post their files. This in some way makes you kind of ‘accountable’ for something you share.

If I were to post a torrent which didn’t work, or isn’t as described, people wouldn’t be impressed as it’s wasted bandwidth. In fact, you’ll find that most people are proud of their posts in some way.

If you download something from a forum and it works and you are happy take the time to say thank you. It only takes as long as it took you to read this sentence to do so and it makes all the difference.

A happy torrent poster is a regular torrent poster!

Remember that they used their upload bandwidth for possibly days on end just so you could have that file. You will have to upload yourself and believe me, you will want some thanks at the end of it.

Making a successful torrent for others to share takes a little time, but that’s how it works, so thank people for giving you something for free. Eventually you might make friends with people who use the forums which just makes it more fun to use. But you will only get along with BitTorrent if you follow this advice.

Below you will find some BitTorrent related sites where you will find forums and other useful information.

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Public tracker and Search-Engine links – arguably the most active BitTorrent source publicaly available – it’s been around for a long while and has a large user base – a clean and simple BitTorrent search engine – they have a great list of active BitTorrent sites and their tracker statistics

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